Cruising Tips

Last updated on April 13th, 2019 at 01:29 am

Insider Tips From Travel Professionals

1. Choose your timing: Book early for the luxury lines, or wait for the last minute deals with the more mass-market lines.
2. Consider your itinerary: Shoulder season when the weather changes or when some ships change locations can be the most economical.
3. Use a travel agent: Their special relationship with cruise lines means better access to better rates.
4. Pick your cabin carefully: You don’t have to give up the veranda to get a deal – sometimes all you have to do is move down one deck.
5. Watch the Airfares: Cruise lines negotiate rates with airlines early, so if airfare drops later, the line no longer has the best deal. If airfare goes up then you’re in luck.
6. Book your next trip on the ship: Expect savings of up to 10% off or onboard credits for the next cruise.
7. Protect your investment: Ask if the line offers a price guarantee, so you’re protected if rates drop.
8. Protect your investment: Make sure you have trip insurance that covers almost everything. Check out Travel Guard.
9. Seen it all? Want something new? Overnights or late departures to see more sights? Lets talk about Azamara Club Cruises!